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Transmission Re-Certification


How do I know if I need to recertify my case?

  1. If the date of manufacture on the side of the case on the date boss is 5 years old or older, your case will need to be recertified. The date boss is found on the passenger side of the case, next to the S/N boss.
  2. If your case has been recertified in the past and the SFI numbers are 5 years or older it needs to be recertified.
  3. The case may be recertified indefinitely as long as it continues to pass inspection.

Please call if you have any questions: (925) 935-3025

What do I need to do to recertify my Superglide Transmission case?

You must remove and send in your cleaned transmission case and liner to be inspected and recertified every 5 years. The charge is $100 plus shipping back to you and the process takes approximately one week. Send the transmission case and liner along with your name, address, and phone numbers to:

Reid Racing, Inc.
4030 Pike Lane
Concord, CA 94520

All REID Racing products are designed for off-road competition use and are not intended to be used on public roadways.
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